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If you're interested in more about my wider art practice and thinking, take a look at my blog. You can get email updates as well - 'Follow blog via email', on the blog home page. If you prefer images, I post on Instagram.

March 2022

Dates for my Open Studios are 14-15 May, and 21-22 May 2022. I will be opening as part of the Dulwich Festival's Artists' Open House Programme. Look forward to seeing you all!

8 October 2019

Dates for Christmas Open Studio will be Saturday 30th November and Sunday 1st December 2019. Michael Ruh glass blowing will be open as will many of the other artists and makers in Parade Mews.

I'm showing in Christmas shows at two new galleries: Harding House in Lincoln and West End House Galleryin the Weald of Kent.

25 April 2019

Dulwich Festival

Dulwich Festival is coming up fast. I'll be opening the studio for the two weekends of the Artists' Open House, 12/13 and 19/20 May 2018. The wonderful brochure will be available online and around Dulwich in early May.

I'll be showcasing some new work -'birch'- as well as selling brooches - which have developed from my interest in sprigs. Now I know what to do with them!

24 April 2019


I'm launching some new work - birch - on the website today. I'm allowing myself a lot more variety in birch, maybe something to do with having more experience? All are monochrome, but vary from night, through day, to mist.

You can also see them at Kellie Miller Artsin Brighton. The Objects of Desireexhibition runs from 4th May 2019.

21 Nov 2018

Christmas 2018 Open Studio will be Saturday 1 Dec, 3-7pm, and Sunday 2 Dec, 1-5pm, at 22 Parade Mews, SE27 9AX. It would be lovely to see you. Quite a few other studios in the Mews are opening too. Remember there's no parking in the Mews!

20 July 2018

I will be giving a talk on my practice at The Kiln Rooms on 12th October 2018, more here.

03 May 2018

New European-wide rules on online data (GDPR) come into force on 25th May 2018, so you may have seen lots of online requests to re-sign up to newsletters and other marketing. The rules mean that explicit opt-in for any use of data must be provable.

Luckily for me, I just send a newsletter out occasionally, I don't do any targeting or profiling, and have kept all my mailing list sign-ups from shows and open studios on paper. Archaic but in this case, extremely useful. There's more detail here.

04 April 2018

Dulwich Festival

Dulwich Festival is coming up fast. I'll be opening the studio for the two weekends of the Artists' Open House, 12/13 and 19/20 May 2018. The wonderful brochure will be available online and around Dulwich in early May.

13 Dec 2017

Christmas Open Studio

Thanks to all who came to the Christmas Open Studio at Parade Mews. It's the first time I've opened on Friday night as well as during the day. The freshly made pizza van and mulled wine really went down a treat!

26 June 2017

Oriel Ynys Mon Gallery

I'm delighted to be showing my work in Anglesey, at Oriel Ynys Mon in Llangefni.
It's also the home of Kyffin Williams, and has a gallery in his honour. And much, much more. A great place to visit, maybe on the way to this year's Eisteddfod?

4 May 2017

Booklet Cover

Dulwich Festival is approaching, and as usual I am opening both weekends, 13-14th and 20-21 May 2017. I'll also have a private view, 7-9pm on Friday 12th May. Everyone is welcome!

My studio is at 22 Parade Mews, Norwood Road, London SE27 9AX. Parking is easiest in nearby Palace Road. Tulse Hill Overground is 3 minutes away, and 2, 432, 196, 68 and 468 stop nearby. Sorry, absolutely no parking in the Mews!

14 March 2017

on the horizon

I just loaded some new images for On The Horizon. A particular style of work often beds in, get more solid, over time. Japanese potters think like this - I remember hearing Shoji Hamada say it's not the first, or the last pot, that's best: it's something like, the fifteenth. It's a Zen thing.

20 November 2016

Open Studio Sat 26 Nov 2016 11-4pm

volcanic oysters

I'm opening the studio on the 26th November 2016, 11-4pm. Just in case you need any ceramics for Christmas! Other studios are open too - more ceramics, glass, paintings too. If you can't make it, I've just sent work to Yorkshire Sculpture Park Shop, Kellie Miller Arts in Brighton, Found in Dunbar, or Cecilia Colman in St Johns Wood.

The studio is at 22 Parade Mews, Norwood Road, London SE27 9AX. Sorry, there's no parking in the Mews - the nearest is the Co-op or Palace Road.

I am 3 mins from Tulse Hill Overground; 2, 432, 196, 68, 468 buses.


14 August 2016

Join me at the Salisbury Contemporary Craft and Heritage Festival, coming up 8-11 Sept 2016. Stonehenge, Old Sarum, Figsbury Ring are among nearby sights. The town itself is small enough to walk around, full of life and age. Try snacks from Reeves, a fantastic bakery, plus there's a great market on Saturday. It's about 2 hours from London.

18 April 2016

Dulwich Festival

The Dulwich Festival Artist Open House is coming up, 7/8 and 14/15 May, 11-6pm. I'd love to see you at 22 Parade Mews - there's a dozen other studios open in the Mews too. The DF booklets are available now from shops around the area.

There's more online at the Artists' Open House website, including an interview with Michael Ruh, the glassblower at no6, and one with me, too, here, or you can read the shorter version below.

Interview with Carys

02 November 2015

Thorn pot

Rosebery Auctions in West Norwood are showcasing some of my pots in November, as part of their new focus on Contemporary Art, and a big refurbishment. Email me if you would like a ticket to the opening - my details are here.

Roseberys is a fantastic place for Christmas presents, too - I bought 11 silver salt cellars there, which were great for brothers and in-laws. You can visit and leave a bid, or do it online.

09 October 2015

Salisbury Art Centre

I'm taking part in the Salisbury Open in Oct 2015. Have a day out there - there's the cathedral, Georgian Close, Market, five rivers, including the Nadder, plus Old Sarum and Stonehenge nearby, as well the Salisbury Art Centre.

25 Feb 2015

West Dean

I've just been confirmed for the West Dean Design and Craft Show, 19-21st June 2015. It's a beautiful setting, you walk over a little stream and through the beautiful gardens to get the marquees, under spreading cedars.

West Dean

It's also right next to one of my favourite places, the Weald and Downland Museum, home of TV's Tudor Monastery Farm, amongst many other fantastic building and workshops. Definately worth a look. More about both here at my blog.


30 Jan 2015


Happy New Year to you all! And I have work in a Valentine's Day show - no hearts though. More details in this invitation.

27 Sept 2014

thorn closeup

New work, called þ thorn, has a volcanic green glaze as its basis. Thorn is also an old English letter, written þ, pronounced 'th' as in 'the'. In script, it often looks like a y, hence 'Ye olde Tea Shoppe'. On the internet, using html ('hypertext markup language'), it's easily invoked as þ - rather wonderful that it's so accessible.

New work usually takes a frew batches to really refine and get right, so these are early examples. There's more about the development of the work at my blog.

19 August 2014

bethesda dawn animation

I've just completed a new animation: Bethesda dawn, with Psalm23 in Welsh running over it.

This has been a long time in the making - as you can see from the dates on the webcam screen-grabs. I only recently realised how it's clearly a source for On The Horizon!

7 August 2014

imaginary tea sets

I've just added some images from a recent project: imaginary tea sets. There's more about it on my blog, too:

-taster for the BCB
-last chance to see
-decline fall & regeneration
-the work of art in the age
-making drawings of pots

16 July 2014

oak ash and thorn:against the grain

Some new projects here on the website - the rest are still there, just archived.

There's also more about these at my blog:
-oak ash and thorn
-new pots, new cabinets
-the long and winding road
-leaves at West Dean

5 June 2014

Nantgarw Chinaworks Museum

Nantgarw was really delightful: an interesting exhibition, a warm welcome, historical and contemporary pots. A visit is highly recommended! Have a look at the online catalogue too.


19 May 2014

carys davies in the studio

The Dulwich Festival was really great - thanks to all who came. The weather was not great the first weekend but I think that made more people come! There's more about the two weekends and a virtual tour on my blog.


16 April 2014

new website look

I hope you like the new responsive design I've implemented here!


I've simplified the menus to work better on touch screens, with some big 'buttons' at the bottom. If you are using your phone or tablet in landscape mode, it will look pretty similar, just a little smaller.

In portrait mode, the simpler menu is now visible across the top of the screen, showing you more of the images.

To drill down and look at different work or projects you can touch or click on the row of images, or use the 'breadcrumbs' at the top.


Do let me know if you have any problems or want to feed back on this - my email is on my contact page.



31 Mar 2014

I'm getting ready to implement responsive design on this website - so you may notice some changes. Initially I'm rationalising and simplifying the overall design.

The main purpose is to make the site easier to use on mobile phones and tablets - especially with touch screens, where menu items need to be bigger - about 9cm is apparently optimal! The changes should make navigation simpler and easier on large screens as well.

I've already made the change on my blog, moving to a new responsive design.

Some websites, like Nesta have one 'look' for all devices: so the site looks the same on a phone and on a laptop. There's a lot less to see 'at a glance' - you have to use more menus - so I'm not sure I'd like that for this site!


30 Jan 2014

carys davies porcelain

I've added some new images for On The Horizon, they are coming out well at the moment.

There's a great wiki page about the Shipping Forecast. It has a list of the sea areas, examples of forecasts, and an explanation of all the terms. These are very specific: designed to be heard in ships at sea over possibly bad radio reception.


20 Dec 2013

Very best wishes for Christmas and the New Year to you all

29 Nov 2013

carys davies porcelain

I will be having an Open Studio on Saturday 7th December, 12-5pm, at 22 Parade Mews, London SE27 9AX. It would be great to see you. I will have both current stock, and various one-offs and old stock that are not normally available.. a bit of a clear-out, to be honest! Plus, of course, tea, coffee and biscuits.

michael ruh glasses

My own open house is only Saturday, but I would recommend the fantastic Michael Ruh’s Open House, which is 10-5 on Saturday and Sunday, - that's where I'll be first thing Saturday. Michael and Natascha are at 6 Parade Mews, Edmund's old studio, about 10 feet away from me, and make wonderful glass - both for drinking out of and bigger art-objects. Great for Christmas!

Other artists in Parade Mews are opening too, including Melissa at the Parade Mews Pottery and Liz Emtage at No16.


17 Oct 2013

I've been working on animations and sounds for the website, to bring a sense of movement and making online. This is my very first attempt, I hope to do more in future. For those without broadband, it may be a bit slow so I'm still working on it, possibly making it smaller?


16 Aug 2013

carys davies porcelain On The Horizon vase

I've developed a new range, On The Horizon, building on my successful entry for the Eisteddfod.

It's inspired by that hazy horizon between sea and air, sometimes at dawn, sometimes at twilight, and often includes quotes from the shipping forecast, or poems related to the sea. Should be available from most of my stockists - email me if you need to know which!


15 July 2013

Don't forget the Grand Picnic for the Common Dead at the Curious Trail on Sunday 21st July.

11am - there's a foodie tour by Colin Fenn - meet at the Cemetery office, 10:45am

12am - arrival of Coffin Cake, Tea Urn etc

12-5pm Bands, Songs, Poetry

Bring a picnic rug, food and drink to share, enjoy the free stuff and the stalls.


20 June 2013

carys davies porcelain studio Curious Trail

The Curious Trail opens 21st June 2013 - come to the Private View in the cemetery 6-9pm.

My installation, 'Still falls the rain', is based on an entry in the ledgers - two sisters who died in 1941/2. A tribute to them snuggles, temporarily, under another Victorian tomb.

There'll be an Open Day on the 7th July 2013, where I & other artists will be talking about our work, and a Grand Picnic for the Common Dead on Sunday 21st July.

More at my blog:

still falls the rain

pots and text, no new thing

do not go gentle into that good night



20 May 2013

carys davies porcelain studio on open day

The Dulwich Festival 'Artist's Open House' was great - good weather on both weekends, a good buzz in Parade Mews, where more studios than ever were open, showing paintings, sculptures, ceramics and the new resident glassblower, Michael Ruh.

Many thanks to those who came, it was great to see you all.

More at my blog


22 April 2013

My visitor's blog summarises my recent internship at Nesta - see also the Living Map of innovative projects for older people.

Nesta have great resources for creative and social innovation - toolkits and advice, but also programmes looking at new ways to innovate - like their Alliance for Useful Evidence, which is innovating policy development as well as outcome.

I worked with the new Ageing Programme, creating the Living Map. With more than a hundered projects, it was also a great introduction to different ways to try making a difference, which I am continuing to mull over.


24 February 2013

I'm currently an intern at the innovation foundation Nesta. Many exciting new ideas to bring back to the world of craft, some described in a recent blog entry. I'll be back in the studio in Mid-April.


14 November 2012

Crafts magazine Review of MCDC installation Carys Davies

Crafts magazine reviewed my installation at MCDC in the Nov2012 issue, just in time for the charity auction there, which was exciting. All the auction work sold, many there were new buyers of craft, which was gratifying. view review


31 October 2012

MADE London 2012 Carys Davies

Thanks to all who came to MADE London, and it was great to meet you all. I'm hoping this will become a recurring date in the craft calendar!


24 October 2012

Come and see me at MADE London 25-27 October. Stand 46! I'm bringing some new calligraphy on paper and porcelain to the show. It's the first MADE in London, following their success in Brighton.


28 Sept 2012

You may notice some changes to my website - I have been looking at Jacob Nielsen'd famous usability guides and tried to implement them here on my site. Please contact me let me know what you think.


24 August 2012

I'm pleased to report there's an article about me and my work in the Sep/Oct 2012 issue of Ceramic Review magazine. I will post the pages here once the issue is no longer the 'current' issue - until then, please buy one! Once archived, you can also buy and download the article - £3 for galleries - from Ceramic Review.

31 July 2012

Some new pictures in a new section 'texts' under 'selected work' in the side menu. Sussie Ahlburg is the most fantastic photographer of objects and took them for me for the forthcoming Ceramic Review article - out Aug 13th - so I though I should put the highlights here. The text work is working well for commissions and site-specific projects too, so there's more images under that heading.

30 July 2012

I've just sent work to aspex in Portsmouth for an exhibition with the really great name of "There will be no slow motion" - definately worth a visit if you are nearby. The Jane Adams Galley in Cornwall is also showing my work, as will Oriel Davies Gallery in Newtown, Wales, in the early autumm. As usual, the galleries who like my work are primarily by sea or mountains...

22 June 2012

I'm extremely pleased that Plymouth City Museum and Art Gallery have bought a large volcanic bowl for their collection. This is my first piece to go into a permanent collection. The connection with the sea is particularly important for Plymouth and for me and embodied in this piece.

8 June 2012

I've just returned from Manchester, where I've been commissioned to make an installation to celebrate the 30 years of the Manchester Craft and Design Centre.


Manchester Craft and Design Centre


The installation will use the stories collected by artist Lucy Harvey during her Collecting History project. I've already been finding fascinating stories from MCDC's past, like the poem The Steam King.

30 May 2012

Very, very many apologies to anyone who has been trying to access my website today. I am trying to fix the problems as fast as possible. For those technically inclined, the explanation is that I moved from Windows-based hosting to Linux-based hosting. I've managed to fix some of the problems, but not all, and as they are due to this software change at the server I can't just put my old website back up.

Many apologies again


25 May 2012

You can see my work at two new showcases this summer, one at nesta , at 1 Plough Lane in the heart of the City of London, and also at Cardiff's Craft in the Bay Summer Show.

Nesta is interesting: funded by a lottery endowment, it's investing in, and incubating, the application of innovation especially in the public sector. As part of their belief in, and support for, creativity they are hosting art within their space.

Please come to the launch of this initiative on 28 June, 6-8pm, at nesta, 1 Plough Lane, London ED4A 1DE. It's just behind Holborn Circus.



17 April 2012: thinking about making

carys davies wordpress image

I've started writing more about the process of being a maker. This is partly to clarify things in my own mind, by "talking aloud", but also, I hope, to start a conversation about how and why things get made with anyone who is interested.

Before the Internet (yes, I can remember that far back), I worked a lot with the Social Computing Research group at IBM on how to build communities online within the company. So I'm also very interested in how to make it work in the new open web, and so have decided to write using WordPress, an open source project which shares these aims.

I've called this thread "thinking about making" and you can find it on the menu to the left of the page or here. There's a link back to this website on the right hand side, "carys davies porcelain".


30 March 2012

We Make Here cross stich

I spent an extremely enjoyable afternoon with cross stich and cake in Ealing.

We Make Here cross stich

It's strange how you have different conversation when you're working with your hands...

We Make Here cross stich

Sadly, I made a mistake in my quotation - it should be out in the dark, but never mind.

We Make Here.com

We Make Here on Facebook


1 March 2012

Cotehele ceramics Landing Cotehele ceramics Red Room Cotehele ceramics Stair

I've just installed some new work at Cotehele, an amazing National Trust property in Cornwall - just up the Tamar from Plymouth. It's a fascinating place: it reminds me of my Oxford college - Jesus - with its quadrangles and halls. and I loved researching the history and the people for it. I'm getting more on this ready for the 'special projects' section of the site.


27 January 2012

Ruthin Landscape Carys at the show

I've always hoped to exhibit at Ruthin Craft Centre on the borders of Wales - there's a great route there over the horseshoe pass from Llangollen. Ruthin always have fabulous shows both in their newly rebuilt centre and at Collect and other international shows.

Carys at the show Calon lan

I showed the sea-change, pebble, and moss series - which you can see in 'selected work' here on my site, as well as some new work where I write on pots and arrange then into boxes on the wall.

Catrin Howell Peter Bodenham

Catrin Howell was at Ruthin installing her solo show - so beautiful - and Pater Bodenham and Anne Gibbs are among the other artists in the show.

It's on until the 18th March 2012, and there's a beautiful catalogue too.


22 November 2011

Colour Glaze book

A great new book on colour in glazes includes my 'moss' glaze seen here in an extract from the book. The extract is available to download from amazon where the book is also available. Colour Glazes by Linda Bloomfield


8 August 2011

eisteddfod wrecsam 2011 eisteddfod wrecsam 2011

It was fantastic to arrive at the Eisteddfod to find I had won £1500. Robyn Tomos from Y Lle Celf had told me, but in Welsh, so I thought I must have misheard. I celebrated by buying Clogiau Goffa Wrecsam - the Eisteddfod Memorial Clogs - from Trefor Owen. I reckon they will be great for the studio.


20 July 2011

Art in Action 2011 Art in Action 2011

My first year at Art in Action, at Waterperry near Oxford... It's a beautiful and calm environment, I would pick up a cup of tea on my way to look at the flowering magnolia grandiflora, before a quick turn among the roses. I showed more of RS Thomas' crockery in the 'best of the best' tent. About eighty people got to make their own installations at my stand, in the 'Theatre of Pots': here's just one.

Art in Action 2011


10 July 2011

eisteddfod wrecsam 2011

I'm absolutely delighted to have been selected for the National Eisteddfod 2011 exhibition. Taking part in this cultural festival of music, performance, and visual arts is the absolute pinnacle of achievement for Welsh speakers. This year it is in Wrexham, in the first week of August. Gwych!


20 June 2011

stand at contemporary craft fair bovey tracey 2011

The contemporary craft fair at Bovey Tracey was fantastic again for my third visit. Full of interesting people and work, although I must say I enjoyed most the fabulous knitting wool shop Spin a Yarn as well a most interesting tour of handlooms at Bovey Hand Weavers nearby. You can really see how mechanisation changed the craft of weaving across the looms in the weaving shed. Instructive.


22 May 2011

Kettle's Yard found 2011

It was great to contribute to FOUND - a garage sale raising money for the wonderful Kettle's yard in Cambridge. Many thanks to a gifted existence blog for the image.


3 April 2011 - talk in cambridge on 4 May 2011

view of carys davies studio

I'll be talking about my work at Contemporary Craft in Cambridge in the first week of May - the gallery is in bene't street near the centre of Cambridge. Although we can't fit a wheel in there I will show some of the stages of making the work, as well as sources of inspiration. It would be great to see you. From 6-8pm on Wednesday 4th May - for more details contact Rhiannon at Cambridge Contemporary Craft.

I work for the potter Edmund de Waal - much of the work in the left hand picture above is his. I'll also talk about this briefly - we are working on an exhibition at the Fitzwilliam nearby, for example - and can answer some questions on his book, 'the hare with amber eyes'.


Open Studio in London, 7-8 May 2011

outside the studio

If you are in London, come to our Open Studio on the 7th and 8th May at the studio in Tulse Hill. This shot shows us in ordinary mode - we'll get the bunting out for the actual day.
We will be open 11-6 on Saturday 7th May and sunday 8th May 2011. Hannah James and Barry Stedman will also be open, as will Melissa's pottery around the corner.


31 January 2011

Plate stack with RS Thomas

Here's a taster of some new work with both writing and stacking. This stack includes an RS Thomas poem "The Bright Field". I like the idea that the poem gets re-written when the plates are re-stacked, and the idea of different people having different plates, and different parts of the poem.

17 November 2010

Pullens Open Studios 2010

An invitation to a winter treat.. 3,4,5 December

Pullens yards in Kennington have a fantastic Winter open studios full of wine, food, artists, craftsmen, designers, and, this year, including me! I will be at no 8 Iliffe Yard, the guest of DSDHA, 2010 architects of the year, sharing with the wonderful jeweller Claire Stratton.


15 September 2010

OpenLambeth 2010

Please do come to our Open Studio!

10-6 Sat and Sun, 2 and 3 October 2010

We are opening as part of 'Open Lambeth' - you will find us under 'Parade Mews' - or pick up a leaflet from the studio.

Other galleries who've recently started stocking my work include:

(click on name to go to the website)

atelier in Barnstaple

New Ashgate Gallery in Farnham

Cambridge Contemporary Crafts in Cambridge


16 August 2010

porcelain tea set porcelain tea set

I've been looking at old tea and coffee cans recently - the Ashmolean's re-opened with amazing gallery of old Worcester china. You used to get one saucer, a coffee cup, and a tea cup - called a trio. I've added a jug - and am making them in multiple glazes - these are just two.


15 June 2010

porcelain sculpture

We had great weather at Bovey Tracey for the contemporary craft show - great camping, with viennoiserie from the French Saturday market as a bonus! As usual there was all kinds of great work at the show, I was tempted into buying some wonderful earrings from Becky Crow.



07 June 2010

Please visit me if you can at the Contemporary Craft Fair in Bovey Tracey in Devon. It's on from the 11-13th June, for full details click on the name above and their website will open in a new tab or window.

I'm on stand C21, near the entrance to Marquee C. I love going there - the Fair is run alongside The Devon Guild of Craftsmen and shares their great mix of great work and a relaxed atmosphere.


29 May 2010

Thank you to all who came to the Dulwich Festival - we were very busy, though not too busy to eat cake - and it was great to see many of you again as well as welcome new people to the studio.

Porcelain and bone china ceramic sculpture, bowls, jugs, dishes Porcelain and bone china ceramic sculpture, bowls, jugs, dishes Porcelain and bone china ceramic sculpture, bowls, jugs, dishes


15 April 2010

Coming up soon is the Dulwich Festival - we will be taking part, opening the studio on

Saturday 8th and Sunday 9th May 2010


We'll have copies of the Artist's Open House booklet, which includes maps and details of other artists, as well as tea, coffee and cake so you can have a rest!

You might want to also visit the Dulwich Picture Gallery - it will be the last two days of their Paul Nash exhibition, opening 11-5. They also have a great cafe, which opens at 10am both days.

Our address is:
6 Parade Mews
Norwood Road
London SE27 9AX

We are about 5 mins from Tulse Hill rail station, there's no parking at the studio - I recommend nearby Palace Road, and the tfl website for buses - the P13, 2, 432, 196, 68 and 468 are just a few of the buses that stop nearby.


9 March 2010

Do come to see my work at Affordable Art Fair in Battersea Park, London. I shall be showing with Shirley Crowther Contemporary Art stand K3. The times and dates are:

Thursday 11-Sunday 14 March 2010
Drinks reception Thursday 5:30-9:30pm (call me for tickets)
11-6pm daily


16 February 2010

If you want to see what I look like, then the Contemporary Craft Fair have a video of the 2009 Fair in which I appear - it's about 3 minutes in to the 5 minute clip, I'm the one with glasses and a black cardigan on.

Clip of 2009 Craft Fair


13 December 2009

Many thanks to all who came to the Open Studio, despite the torrential rain! We really appreciate the effort, and hope you enjoyed the parkin and banana cake. Here's some of the work that was on show:

Porcelain and bone china ceramic sculpture, bowls, jugs, dishes Porcelain and bone china ceramic sculpture, bowls, jugs, dishes

I've been making a lot of jugs - small and large - which seemed very popular. I'm also making 'stacks' - a jug, inside a mug, inside a bowl, inside a dish - inspired by the old 'solitaire' breakfast sets made in Stoke in the nineteenth century.

Porcelain and bone china ceramic sculpture, bowls, jugs, dishes Porcelain and bone china ceramic sculpture, bowls, jugs, dishes


01 November 2009

It seems a long time to Christmas but I know many of you like to get ready early! We will be having a Christmas Open Studio in Tulse Hill on the first weekend in December.

11-5 Saturday 5th December 2009

11-5 Sunday 6th December 2009>

Hannah James and Barry Stedman have joined the studio since last Christmas and will also be showing work.

I will also have work at the Devon Guild of Craftsmen's Christmas show All Wrapped Up , 21st November - 3 Jan 2010 and at the Cambridge Contemporary Art gallery's Christmas show, from 14 November to 24th December 2009.

21 September 2009

Porcelain and bone china ceramic sculpture or bowl

I am extremely pleased to be included in a great show of work at Shirley Crowther Art. The show starts in Ditchling, in a fantastic building where Frank Brangwyn lived and worked. Huge, light rooms hide behind a secret ivy street front..

We are also part of Lambeth Open-- a new initiative - where artists across the borough are opening their studios. We will be open 11-6pm on Sat 3rd and Sun 4th October.


18 July 2009

Installation of porcelain at the Victoria and Albert Museum

It's been a while since I updated the website - the reason is shown in the image below... We have just finished installing a huge installation for Edmund de Waal: pots on a red shelf high in the dome above the entrance hall of the Victoria and Albert Museum, in the new Ceramics Galleries.


9 June 2009

porcelain and bone china ceramic bowls

I had a great time at the Bovey Tracey Contemporary Craft Fair - The Devon Guild of Craftsmen were really fabulous. We had a month's worth of rain on the Saturday, but spirits were not really dampened at all. I camped by a little stream a stone's throw from the Fair, with a hot water bottle filled at the cafe at the Guild!


20 May 2009

porcelain and bone china ceramic bowls

The CUP exhibition at Bovey Tracey has started. I've made a big conglomerate - a heap - of cups for them, as though excavated from the wreck of a china clipper ship... Luckily it also got there in one piece! It's a great exhibition, with huge felt pictures of cups - wonderful Elspeth Owen cups - lots to look at and think about.


11 May 2009

porcelain and bone china ceramic bowls porcelain and bone china ceramic bowls porcelain and bone china ceramic bowls

Dulwich Festival 'Artists At Home' was very enjoyable - it was great to meet other local artists as well as inviting people in the local community into the studio.


02 April 2009

porcelain and bone china ceramic sculptures and bowls

Coast magazine has included some of my work in its April issue - both volcanic bowls and some of the sea-change series.



10 January 2009

We are going to be part of 'Artists At Home' during the Dulwich Festival The studio will be open on the 9th and 10th May 2009, from 11-5pm. The Festival publish a booklet with details of all the places open, so let me know if you want one and I shall send it on once it is published!



23 December 2008

porcelain sculpture

I have been accepted for the exhibition CUP at the Devon Guild of Craftsmen's new exhibition space in Bovey Tracey. The exhibition will have work from established and new makers, exploring this theme. I am planning to make some work inspired by my 'heaps' in the sea-change series. I'm not sure how cup-like the vessels need to be so I hope to use the exhibition as a chance to explore a number of new ideas.


12 December 2008

I had an Open Studio on the 9th December 2008 as part of the Parade Mews Open Studios. Many thanks to all who came. We drank Pimm's Winter Warmer and ate fruit cake as an early Christmas celebration.

OpenStudio OpenStudio

OpenStudio OpenStudio

22 November 2008

Pictures of my work appeared in three magazines in the run up to the Brighton Craft Fair - November Homes and Gardens, BBC Homes and Antiques, and Coast magazine.

coast magazine coast magazine